A Message from Our CEO in Regards to COVID-19: Click Here

A Message from Our CEO in Regards to COVID-19: Click Here

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Chemo Mouthpiece™

An Ice Pack for Inside the Mouth to Combat Oral Mucositis

Chemo Mouthpiece is essentially an ice pack for inside your mouth, but unlike ice chips or popsicles, it cools the oral cavity uniformly. It’s also tolerable for those with sensitive teeth. Avoid debilitating complications and save thousands on unnecessary procedures with this one easy-to-use device.

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About Our Product

One of the most difficult yet underreported side effects of chemotherapy is oral mucositis. This painful condition occurs when toxic medications aimed at eliminating cancer reach the healthy tissues of the mouth, causing painful ulcers and inflammation that, in its more severe forms, can make eating, drinking and talking all but impossible for patients.

The answer to this problem came from a cancer survivor and engineer named David Yoskowitz who struggled with oral mucositis during his recovery from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His solution, Chemo Mouthpiece, is an easy-to-use device that applies near-freezing temperatures to the entire mouth while chemo drugs enter the body. This cold constricts the blood vessels in the mouth to limit the amount of toxic chemicals that can circulate through the tissue.

By limiting the mouth’s exposure to the chemotherapy medication, you can reduce the severity of oral mucositis. Plus, the cold soothes inflamed tissue and provides relief at the same time – and all it takes is a single convenient, reusable product: Chemo Mouthpiece.

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Chemo Mouthpiece was founded by cancer survivor David Yoskowitz. Watch the video to learn about how his victory over cancer inspired him to help others.


Our mission is to reduce suffering for cancer patients going through treatment.