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FINALLY! Ice Cold Mouthpiece™ has finally arrived, this medical device is an intraoral ice pack used for the therapeutic management of oral mucositis. It is a safe and effective cryotherapy mouthpiece that is much more efficient than ice chips for cooling the...

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SEPT 2018

After 3+ years of research and development, Ice Cold Mouthpiece™ was almost ready. The patent had been filed, the prototype was finalized and Ice Cold Mouthpiece™ was now in motion. There were just a few more steps that had to be done before coming to...

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MAY 2017

The first ready-to-show mouthpiece was finished, and a month later in June 2017 the mouthpiece was first exhibited at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting. The product was so well received, David knew this idea deserved even more focus. For...

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JUNE 2015

Fast forward to a year after David beat cancer! In the summer of 2015, one day in the middle of the night David woke up with a surreal idea for a cold mouthpiece that would help combat mouth sores caused from chemo that would be better than ice chips. He asked himself...

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JUNE 2014

David started a 4 week stint of radiation following his chemotherapy since his cancer was stage II bulky and the area could be safely targeted with radiation.

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