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What Are Some Good Gifts for Chemo Patients?

Find out how patients are finding relief from oral mucositis caused by chemotherapy

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What Are Some Good Gifts for Chemo Patients?

Buying a present for a loved one with cancer can be a touching act of support, but it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what to get them. It probably seems like a person who is going through chemotherapy or radiation treatment has larger concerns than you could tackle with a simple gift, but the truth is that even a small token of love or friendship can make it easier to endure the side effects of chemo. Below, you will find a list of suggestions from the team at Chemo Mouthpiece™ on what to buy a loved one who is undergoing treatment; any of these items can make a difference in the life of someone you care about!

Gifts to Make Cancer Patients More Comfortable

Going through chemotherapy is such a foreign experience to many of us that it can be tough to anticipate the needs of someone going through it. A good starting point is to know that for many of these patients, comfort is one of the hardest things to come by; a gift that provides this will likely be treasured beyond measure. Here are some gifts that can be especially useful for helping a loved one get comfy during chemo:

A Warm, Soft Blanket

Anyone who has spent time in a hospital knows how cold those places can feel; then imagine what it must be like to sit in a cancer center for chemotherapy infusion. Treatment centers are often cool in temperature and many patients are extra sensitive to cold temperature as a side effect of treatment. Providing a chemo patient with a cozy, soft blanket can go a long way toward helping them feel at ease during doctor’s visits or chemo infusions, and it can serve as a constant reminder of your love and support, all while keep them warm!

Comfortable Clothes

Finding appropriate clothes can be challenging for those undergoing chemo treatments. The increased sensitivity of their skin combined the inherent self-consciousness of those who look sickly can make it difficult to shop for items that are both fashionable and comfortable, but you can help. Try to find something made of a soft material that also looks cool or interesting – anything to boost the person’s confidence. If you are unsure about their taste in clothes, you could instead look for a set of lounge wear or pajamas to keep the patient comfortable at home or in the hospital. A nice sweatshirt is always a good option!

A Port Pillow

If it sounds like a niche product, that’s because it is; the port pillow is meant to help patients who have a chemo port implanted in their chest. This port is put into place to offer convenient access for the infusion of chemotherapy medications, but it can be a source of discomfort when using something that frequently rubs against the area, such as a seatbelt or backpack. The port pillow is essentially a buffer between the port and any outside objects that could irritate it; it may seem like a small consideration, but your friend or loved one will likely appreciate it if they have a port themselves. There are so many designs and patterns out there, you’ll be sure to find one they love!

Gifts to Keep Chemo Patients Healthy

Of course, dealing with chemotherapy isn’t always about staying comfortable; sometimes, a patient is better served by something that will help them stay as healthy as possible at this critical time in their recovery. Below are some ideas for what you can give a chemo patient to help them preserve their well-being.

Oral Cryotherapy Device

For those who don’t know, cryotherapy is a powerful tool for the prevention of mouth sores during chemo, also called oral mucositis, one of the most debilitating side effects patients experience during treatment. Nurses will sometimes distribute ice chips or something similar to patients as a form of cryotherapy. The goal is to shrink the blood vessels in the mouth which limits the ability of chemo drugs to reach the area, thereby limiting the severity of the mucositis symptoms. Unfortunately, ice chips are not as effective as some other methods, such as the Chemo Mouthpiece™, a specialized oral cryotherapy device for mouth sores. By cooling the entire oral cavity uniformly, a device like the Chemo Mouthpiece™ can deliver potent oral cryotherapy to all areas of the mouth much more effectively than ice chips or popsicles. It serves as proactive protection against oral mucositis.

Meal Replacement Shakes

Nutrition is a primary issue where cancer patients are concerned. Anyone battling a major illness must maintain their body weight to keep up their strength; those who become too thin or malnourished may face delays in their treatment or other complications. This nutritional deficiency can arise from a variety of causes, including nausea, digestive issues, mouth sores, or changes in taste – all of which are possible side effects of chemotherapy. That’s where meal replacement shakes come in! These handy beverages can provide all the nutrients and calories of a small meal without requiring any planning or preparation, and they often come in flavors that patients find pleasantly neutral. Giving a loved one nutrition or meal replacement shakes may make it possible for them to maintain their weight without extra effort on their part.

Oral Ice Pack for Helping Chemo Patients with Mouth Sores

If you or someone you know is undergoing chemotherapy, know that the Chemo Mouthpiece™ can help. This powerful cryotherapy device can cool the entire mouth by as much as 30 degrees during the course of an infusion, making it an effective tool for fighting oral mucositis. To learn more about this unique item and how it can help you or a loved one, visit us online or call (866) 461-7518 today.


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