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Exciting News About Our Clinical Trial: Learn More

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How to Treat Burning
Mouth Syndrome (BMS)

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Invented and engineered by cancer survivor David Yoskowitz who suffered a side effect of chemotherapy leaving one with awful mouth sores, the mouthpiece is an oral cryotherapy device made of FDA-grade silicone, water, and a proprietary saline solution.

While the original indication was to help cancer patients not suffer as he did, the mouthpiece has since shown to be helpful and providing soothing relief in other oral morbidities, including burning mouth syndrome (BMS).

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How Cryotherapy Works for BMS

In the same way one applies ice to a burn for relief of pain, this innovative cryotherapy device is giving BMS sufferers soothing relief from the various unpleasant, uncomfortable, and often debilitating symptoms of this condition. If you are one of the many suffering from BMS, Chemo Mouthpiece offers a superior, more comfortable alternative to cryotherapy methods such as ice chips and ice pops.

Why Should You Purchase the
Mouthpiece for BMS?

  • It uniformly cools the entire oral cavity, offering relief everywhere in the mouth
  • The silicone barrier between the sensitive areas of the mouth and cold temperature make the mouthpiece tolerable and effective for those that find ice chips uncomfortable or intolerable
  • No Rx needed
  • Each mouthpiece is reusable and has a two-year shelf-life
  • No risk! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee

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If you have not already, consult with your physician to ensure the symptoms of BMS are not due to an underlying condition.