Exciting News About Our Clinical Trial: Learn More

Exciting News About Our Clinical Trial: Learn More

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Find Relief from Oral Mucositis
Caused by Chemotherapy

Chemo Mouthpiece is a safe, reliable, and easy-to-use cryotherapy device that can effectively minimize the painful effects of oral mucositis caused by chemotherapy.

Exciting News About Our Clinical Trial

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An Innovative New Way to Fight Oral Mucositis

While some products may be able to help alleviate the pain of oral mucositis, Chemo Mouthpiece reduces the severity of symptoms before they can occur. It uses near-freezing temperatures to shrink the blood vessels of the mouth while chemotherapy drugs are being administered, making it harder for the drugs to reach the oral cavity.

By limiting the amount of harmful chemicals that can interact with the tissues of the cheeks, gums, tongue, lips, and palate, Chemo Mouthpiece can help combat the worst of the symptoms of oral mucositis. And just as an ice pack can help soothe many common injuries, so too does the cooling sensation of the mouthpiece help with any discomfort or inflammation.

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The Science Behind Chemo Mouthpiece

The Chemo Mouthpiece builds upon an existing type of treatment – cryotherapy – which uses cold temperatures to alter the body’s condition. It’s the same technique that brought ice chips and popsicles to hospitals and infusion centers: applying near-freezing temperatures to the tissues of the mouth forces the blood vessels in those tissues to shrink, reducing circulation and allowing less of the chemotherapy drugs to reach the mouth.

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This phenomenon, called vasoconstriction, has proven effective at restricting toxic drugs’ access to vulnerable, healthy tissues in the oral cavity, though blocking them entirely is not currently possible. The ice chips handed out by doctors and nurses work on this principle, but their effects are inconsistent.

Because the ice chips sit on the bottom of the mouth, with little to no contact with the upper palate or cheeks, they are only partially effective; ice pops suffer from a similar issue, and mouthwashes can only treat the symptoms once they appear, offering little in terms of preventative care.

Enter the Chemo Mouthpiece. Essentially, this device acts as an ice pack for your mouth – unlike ice chips or popsicles, however, it uniformly cools the entire oral cavity. This simple but important distinction makes it uniquely suited to mitigate the symptoms of oral mucositis. Simply use the device while receiving an infusion of chemotherapy medication to cool your mouth from top to bottom and stem the flow of harmful chemicals into the area.

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Thermographic scans of patients using the mouthpiece have shown average temperature changes of 31.3°F over the course of 30 minutes.

Learn How It Works

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Is Chemo Mouthpiece Right for You?

What Our Customers Have to Say

We asked for feedback about their experience — 92% of responding users recommended the mouthpiece

“Thank you so much for the Chemo Mouthpiece it works great! I have no more mouth sores :). The mouthpiece fits great for me. I had a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend this product to cancer patients. I [also] definitely recommend the mouthpiece over the ice chips because it stayed cooler longer and didn't leave a wet feeling, especially that I was unable to drink water due to the metal taste in my mouth would make me gag. Thank you!”

– Briele S.

I can’t thank you enough for all you do. Your company is incredible and the customer service outstanding!! From [you] hand delivering the Chemo Mouthpiece on your day off to your quick responses to emails and now going above and beyond, thanks again for everything, I am truly grateful. I would highly recommend your company and wish you much success.”

– Barbara R.

“I purchased the Chemo Mouthpiece for my 21-year old daughter who has Hodgkins Lymphoma. I decided to finally purchase this because I did not want her to suffer any more than she had to. She had some sores and discomfort after that first infusion. When it was time for her 2nd infusion, I had the Chemo Mouthpiece all ready to go. We brought it with us to the infusion center and surprised the heck out of the nurses there! They had never seen it before but thought it was a great idea.

When we saw her oncologist the following week he was very pleased that there was almost no evidence of mucositis. I showed him the website for Chemo Mouthpiece and told him that was the reason her mouth was okay. She's had 3 infusions so far and still has an appetite and is able to eat even afterward because there was little to no discomfort. I definitely believe in this product and will continue to have her use it for the duration of her treatments. (Her doctor took a picture of the webpage because he was fascinated with the idea of it!). Thank you so much for making a bad situation a bit easier to handle.”

– Joan F.

One Patient’s Journey

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The value of the Chemo Mouthpiece for patients lies in its ability to minimize the worst of the symptoms from developing at all. Although it is only one part of what makes cancer so devastating, limiting the intensity of oral mucositis can bring huge benefits to patients’ quality of life: the infections, dehydration, malnutrition, and other conditions that can accompany oral mucositis are not only painful and expensive, but can also delay cancer treatments and ultimately hurt a patient’s overall prognosis. The good news is that avoiding these obstacles only takes one safe, simple, reusable device: the Chemo Mouthpiece.

Features of the Chemo Mouthpiece

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An FDA Registered Device

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An FSA/HSA Eligible Device

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One Size Fits Most Adults and Some Children

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No Rx Required

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Cools the Entire Oral Cavity

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Created by a Cancer Survivor

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Use the Chemo Mouthpiece Over and Over Again

Because it is made of durable, FDA medical-grade silicone, the Chemo Mouthpiece can be reused throughout the duration of your treatment, for up to two years. Simply wash the mouthpiece with soap and hot water after each use, making sure to clean the breathing tubes with the supplied brush. If you have an open wound in your mouth, apply an antibacterial denture cleanser to disinfect the mouthpiece and allow it to dry before returning it to your freezer.

For longer infusions, just bring your second Chemo Mouthpiece with you to treatment in the provided stainless steel cooler. This will allow you to have a second, frozen Chemo Mouthpiece ready for use as soon as your first one has thawed.

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For Convenient Use in Any Setting

No matter where you receive your chemotherapy treatments, the Chemo Mouthpiece can accompany you. For home use, simply store the mouthpiece in your freezer, allowing at least six hours for it to completely freeze. When you’re ready to use it, remove it from your freezer and slide it into the insulated sleeve.

For travel, slide the mouthpiece into the insulated sleeve and place it into the cooler provided along with the frozen ice pack, then put the cooler in the carrying bag. This will keep the mouthpiece frozen for up to 8 hours and allow you to bring it along to your treatment facility.

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Engineer, Cancer Survivor, Chemo Mouthpiece Founder

Chemo Mouthpiece was founded by cancer survivor David Yoskowitz. Watch the video to learn about how his victory over cancer inspired him to help others.


Our mission is to reduce suffering for cancer patients going through treatment.

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